Blog #1

Describe your own moment of fandom, including the fantasies that propel it.

In other words: revise the work you did in class into one fluid paragraph. You will begin your paragraphs with an evaluative statement that begins, “I remember the moment when I learned…,” followed by a detailed summary (now reversed to the past tense) of your moment, interspersed with moments of analysis that demonstrates how your summaries illustrate your evaluative opening sentences.

Finally, add a conclusive sentence that introduces the kind of fantasies that your fandom fuels in the present/has fueled in the past.

20 thoughts on “Blog #1”

  1. I remember the moment when I learned to not give up in achieving my dreams. I was sitting in my couch scrolling Youtube videos while eating my favorite Cheetos after losing faith in working out. I knew it will slow down my progress and increase my body fat but that was not my concern anymore. Why was I doing that myself? Until now I’m not able to answer this simple question. Perhaps it was because my diet plan was not working efficiently like I expected or was it because I had been lifting the same weight for a couple of weeks? For the first time, I felt so defeated and helpless. As I was scrolling through the videos, I somehow ended up on a video about problems we all will face in achieving our dream physique. The Youtuber, Steve Cook, talked about the problems he faced since the beginning of his bodybuilding lifestyle. All of the challenges he faced just fit right into my shoes. I was astonished when I realized all the obstacles I was facing are just common problems for every bodybuilder and not supposed to be something ashamed for or demotivating me. All these weight plateaus, decrease in muscle mass growth as well as feeling helpless in some points of my progression are just part of the process. They are just stepping stones for me to reach my dream – getting a good physique. After listening to all these, for the first time in forever, I felt hope. I was fascinated by the way Steve dealt with all these negative impacts in his life, the way he looked at challenges and obstacles in life were so different compared to mine. I did have mixed feelings about his perspective because at some points it was a little unrealistic but weren’t we supposed to deal with the impossibles in life in order to achieve greater heights? After throwing my Cheetos held in my hand, I grabbed a pen and paper to write down my goals, diet plans as well as some motivational quotes by Steve for me to keep moving on, the be persistent and to pursue my dream. At that very moment, I finally realized that bodybuilding or any other dream we have is not a burden, it is a kind of lifestyle we practice in order to challenge ourselves and to build a more disciplined life. We may encounter problems in life but hardship is just temporary, reward lasts forever. In conclusion, my fandom acted as an empowerment for me during my lowest time, provided me a role model to portray that my dreams are possible and to cultivate a spirit of not giving up in achieving my dreams.

  2. I remember the moment when I learned the value of being true to yourself.  I was scrolling down my social media pages when Miley Cyrus posted a picture on her Instagram with all of her hair chopped off. This was just a haircut but following this, her album Bangers was released and it was much different from the music she would normally produce. It was evident that Miley had started portraying herself as a different person but in reality, she wasn’t afraid to show her true personality. Her hair was short, her clothes were more revealing and her engagement was even put on pause during this time. It was very controversial since Miley was seen as a role model to many young kids because of her fame rising from her role as Hannah Montana on Disney Channel. I followed her posts and read all the hateful things people were saying about Miley, an example being she was “acting out” but this didn’t phase her. She was happy with her lifestyle and ignored the negativity thrown at her through mass social media. Miley still had fans who adored her, including myself.  Many people stopped their fandom with Miley Cyrus when this all occurred but a connection I felt with her is that you shouldn’t care what people think of you as long as you’re happy with yourself. Bangers was released in October of 2013 and now, almost 5 years later, she is back with her fiancé and is now making a country album.  A lyric from Mileys latest song, Younger Now, is as follows “I’m not afraid of who I used to be, no one stays the same, change is a thing you can count on”. I still look at Miley as a role model due to her optimistic personality and her confidence.  

  3. I remember the moment when I realized that I was not the only person in this world who went through a really low point in life and recovered from the trauma. I was relaxing on my bed, avidly watching youtube videos as I usually do when I have any free time on my hands. I watched youtubers such as Rice Gum and The Gabby Show when I stumbled upon a video in the recommended section of youtube called “Why Everyone Hates Jake Paul”. This was not the first time that I heard of Jake Paul in a negative light and I was curious so I had to watch this video. In this compilation of short clips lies multiple of a youtuber and model named Alissa Violet, explaining how she was emotionally abused by her ex boyfriend, Jake Paul. She told stories of when they were living together, how he would play mind games, call her degrading names and and try to control everything she was doing, such as have certain friends over at the house while he was there and ultimately he kicked her out of the house even though she did not do anything wrong. This took me by surprise because I did not think that someone Like Alissa Violet could be treated like that by someone who had so many young subscribers and supporters in general. I related to her at this moment because I was going through a similar situation with my last relationship. But Alissa is now doing great things and modeling for huge agencies and just generally living a happier life ever since things ended with Jake. At this time I realized, she did it, so I could do it too, and when I had this realization it made me feel so much more secure; I had a public figure that was similar to me. In brief, once you’ve been through the worst, the best is yet to come.

  4. I remember when I learned the significance of having a close family. I was sitting on my bed, scrolling through YouTube, when I found the band R5. A band made up of 4 siblings and one best friend. I watched a few of their music videos, and then I found myself watching their interviews. It was then that I noticed how extremely close they all were to each other and how strong their relationship was, which I related to. All of them pushed each other to be the best they could be and helped each other achieve their dreams and goals. They all want to see each other succeed. Whether it be supporting each other with things inside the band, or in different endeavors, they are always there to support each other. For example, one of the members, Ross, was a star on a Disney TV show Austin and Ally, which helped skyrocket his career as a singer and actor. The other members of the band were extremely supportive, showing up to episode tapings or award shows. They were never jealous of his success and embraced it. After I was done watching so many interviews, I realized that my family is the same way. Now, I don’t have 4 siblings, but I do have many cousins that I have a close relationship with. We all want each other to be the best we could possibly be and will help each other out in all different situations. Even if one person becomes more successful than another, we all just want to see each other do well. From that moment on, for many years I looked up to this band not only because I enjoyed their music, but because I could relate to their family dynamic. It really showed me that what I have with my family is special.

  5. I remember the moment when I learned what real empathy was, and what it felt like. I was laying down beside my mother on her bed surrounded by several pillows. She turned to me and shared a passage from a book that Jennifer Lopez wrote. JLo spoke about her panic attack and the struggles that she went through when dealing with her divorce with Marc Anthony. As my mother read, my head compiled itself with memories of my dad before he passed from cancer, and then disappeared. It was almost as if JLo was sitting beside us and telling us her struggle because we can relate. I felt her pain. I felt her sense of a missing piece. I felt her anxiety and depression that comes along with a loss. I laid my head down on my mother’s shoulder, knowing that she feels my, or should I say our, relation to JLo’s powerful words and experience. We were all so fixated on having such an important figure in our lives, and then it just came to an end. We were used to living our lives with a specific person, seeing them everyday. Hearing their voice everyday. I realized that I was not alone when having panic attacks, when knowing that I was going through a change. I would soon be able to accept what happened. This experience provided me with so much support knowing that people, such as one of my biggest idols, go through losses and dramatic changes in our routines all the time. We all experience the lowest moments in life which means we have nowhere else to go, but up.

  6. I remember the moment I learned being Muslim couldn’t stop me from being on top of the world, doing what I love. Vigorously scrolling through Facebook as a shallow 14 year old, my first instinct when I see a video with 5 attractive, older boys as the thumbnail was to click on it. Watching the interview, it was common sense to understand that this band had something special, that they were blowing up for many other reasons besides just being pleasing to gaze at. All five of them were charismatic, humorous, kind, and wore infectious, bright smiles that quickly had me hooked. But naturally, my eyes first fell on the only tan skinned, Pakistani boy out of 4 White band mates and my focus often shifted to him throughout the whole interview simply because I was stunned. I couldn’t believe there was such a loved Muslim in a band on their way to take over the world, a world that, at the time had me convinced hated my religion, my people. Zayn Malik was his name, I later researched and felt my chest swelling with pride every time he opened his mouth to sing. Zayn Malik was brilliant and he was admired and he was Muslim and he gave me a sense of belonging. It wasn’t about being a singer like him, though. That’s not a goal for me at all, it was simply him being proud and loud about being Muslim, having a huge platform to shout it from. That day, I fell into a spiral of One Direction Youtube videos only stopping when I realized my room was dark and my cheeks were in pain from smiling. And soon One Direction as a whole became my happy place whenever things weren’t looking up. Their quirks and jokes never failed to have me giggling, their music never failed to have me bopping. I’d also never witnessed 5 teenage boys who were so kind, so effortlessly lovely, and humble what with their kind of star power. It was refreshing since Justin Bieber kept proving to me and America it was impossible to stay grounded with a high level of fame. Indulging in the One Direction fandom gave me a place to hide away, to distract me from real life problems, and to even educate me on things I didn’t know were important. It has taught me so much about feminism and intersections because this band and this fandom is so diverse – in race, religion, gender, sexuality, all that. Even today being an 18 year old girl, I will still shamelessly boast about my boys and how charitable, how talented, and how selfless they continuously are and encourage me to be. I watch concert videos of Harry Styles running around with a Rainbow Pride Flag telling the arena that Love Is Equal, that gender norms don’t matter, that being nice is always the way to go. I read about Louis Tomlinson donating three million dollars from his own pocket to a children’s charity. I know that my favorite celebrities are genuinely good people and that they’re now and will always be a source of happiness for me. I know that even though Zayn Malik has left One Direction, he was the pure reason I learned to embrace my religion and feel a sense of belonging. He was also the reason for my curiosity in which led me to a band I carry with me everywhere I go, to this day.

  7. I don’t normally find myself interested in celebrities but today I feel compelled to learn everything about this man, Kim Heechul a Kpop star, in particular. I searched up his profile online out of curiosity for his strange style and talkativeness, normally consisting of witty remarks towards others, which caught my attention as I am more shy and reserved. As I read his profile I noticed many similarities between us. In particular the way he never changes himself and stays true to his opinions and self sparks a sense of connection between us. He’s someone who expresses confidence in the way he dresses, which shows off he’s not afraid to be different, and his speech, as he is never hesitant to speak his mind. I at times feel as though I shouldn’t be who I am and that I need to change or hide so other’s wont judge me. But I repress those feelings and force myself to do the opposite little by little. I want to be as true to myself as he is even if the response isn’t always positive, it’s not worth living as a stranger to myself. Even Heechul can get criticized over his way of expressing himself but considering he hasn’t changed much since his debut in 2005 I can tell he’s not fazed and I too want to do the same.

  8. I remember the moment when I was sitting on the couch in the basement of my house, my eyes fixated to the T.V. I was eagerly awaiting my favorite competition in the 2014 winter Olympics, figure skating. Figure skating was a hobby of mine; an activity I did to get out all the anxiety and stress that would build up. To me figure skating was a time to relax, have fun and feel free. The first figure skating competition of the 2014 winter Olympics started and I was jumping off the couch from my excitement. Through the competition, the women from various countries would get up and do their piece but I did not care for their performances, they were not bad they just lacked passion and connection to what they were doing. Suddenly it was time for a girl from team U.S.A to go on the ice and show what she’s got, her name was Gracie Gold. She was so young, just 18 years old, only a couple of years older than I at the time. Gracie started to dance, it was not like any other performance that night. She had a certain elegance in her dancing that was hypnotic you could not look away or you would miss something. She looked like she was flying across the ice, her dress flowing around her as she swiftly jumped and turned, making each move look easy like anyone could do it even in their sleep. When Gracie got on the ice she did not just do a dance that looks cool to win herself gold medals, she put all of her heart and soul into it, to entertain the people but most of all herself. It is obvious that she loves what she does. The passion and exuberance, she conveyed to the crowed and the people viewing at home, made America love her. This moment was influential to me because it made me realize that one day when I have a job I want to feel as passionate and have as much enjoyment toward what I do, just like how Gracie feels about what she does. Not only is she a role model to me because of her love for her skating but because people really underestimate the power of females and she does not let those kind of people put her down; Gracie is not only a strong, powerful and successful athlete she empowers herself through what she does flawlessly. I aspire to be an empowered, successful, flawless and graceful individual just like Gracie Gold. That is my dream.

  9. I remember the moment when I learned that it’s important to have someone to share your thoughts. I was looking through my notes after I failed on my test. Then I became tire of scamming through the notes that I took so much effort in. I was reluctant to tell others how I felt because of self-conscious. I was scrolling through webpages , when I found a article that’s titled Wallace, the Man Behind Darwin. It was a article that talks about the man behind Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin is the one who introduced the theory of natural selection. It talks about Darwin’s hesitation to publish his book On the Origin of Species(1859). At age of fifteen, Darwin had finished writing his book, but he was fear of being abused and call names by people. Then an English naturalist called Alfred Russel Wallace wrote a letter to Darwin. They have the similar theories on natural selection and supported each other’s thoughts. They became close to each other and share their thoughts with each other. At last, due to a huge part of Wallace’s support. Darwin published his book in 1859 and his theories were all proven correct. It was the moment when I realize that even scientist like Charles Darwin needed someone to talk out his feelings. Then I feel less self-conscious to share my feelings with others. In conclusion, everyone needs someone to share their thoughts to gain more confidence and courage to them. Being not afraid to share your thoughts with someone and listening to their comments are also the first step to become better person.

  10. I remember the moment when I learned how to cope through heartache. Isolating myself in my room, I was laying down on my bed, scrolling through Instagram when I came across book quotes that one of my friends posted. They related to a breakup situation similar to one I was going through at the time-typical cliché teenage heartbreak-what those around me referred to it as. An experience I had no one to talk to about, because to many, it was just a “learning experience that you will get over.” Curious to know where these relatable quotes came from, I entered the quote onto google and found the poetry book in which it came from. Nevertheless, I purchased it the following day. Flipping through the pages of this book, the author, R.H Sin, accurately encapsulates the complications of my past relationship. His writing provided a sense of empowerment and relief especially coming from a man, himself. He understood how low I felt as this point in my life, without belittling my feelings and wrote about the exact things I was going through, as if he was speaking on my affliction. At the same time, he reminds his audience to let go, forgive and practice self-love. Reading his poetry was a therapeutic way of alleviating my pain and working towards bettering myself. I constantly carried this book with me and even went on to buy his other books that were out at the time. In the past, I did not have a favorite “celebrity” from any kind of entertainment. However, since the very first day I opened one of his books, I persistently looked out for his daily posts on multiple social media accounts while always watching out for his release of new books.

  11. I remember the moment when I learned that I wasn’t the only one who felt depressed and anxious. I was thirteen years old at the time, just getting home from another miserable day at school. I knew I didn’t fit in merely because I was looked down upon because of the color of my skin. Which overall made me develop body dysmorphia issues. So to escape the stress I would listen to music, especially this pop punk band I had heard of, All Time Low. At first their music was just catchy and spoke to me in an artistic way, but on this particular day it spoke to my soul. I remember laying in bed while on Youtube. Looking for some good All Time Low songs to play. While scrolling through a live version of a song called “Therapy” by All Time Low showed up in my recommendation list. The first thing I saw was the lead singer, Alex Gaskarth playing this melancholy melody on the guitar and then he began to sing. Instantly the lyrics spoke to me,”Give me therapy, I’m a walking travesty but I’m smiling at everything.” It portrayed all the feelings I kept bottled up. Yes, the song did speak to me from a musical viewpoint, but most importantly a personal viewpoint. It was clear that the song was important to Alex. The way he played with such emotion, I knew that he too had felt a similar pain. I knew then that I was not alone in my hardships. After the discovery of this song this band became a big part of life, particularly Alex. As I affiliated myself with them I watched interviews where Alex would talk about his problems with anxiety, losing a loved one, and overall not fitting in. Overall he used music to better himself by using it as an outlet for his feelings. Although this took a very long time and still is a work in progress, Alex inspired me to better myself as well. Using my love for music to channel my feelings. I taught myself to play piano and learned “Therapy”, when I preformed it alone in my room it helped a lot, and still does. Yes, along this hard journey of learning to better myself I did have many bad times and still do, but Alex taught me that I would have bumps in the road because he did too and I wasn’t alone.

  12. I remember the moment when I would be so messed up and depressed on the inside, yet still able to be happy and cheerful on the outside. It was just another normal day after school, I was checking Facebook for something interesting to read or watch, when I came across this article. The article was talking about my favorite singer at the time, Byun Baekhyun. He is a part of a famous kpop band called, Exo. The article was talking about how many of his fans are try to either resell the ticket of “singing in the rain” or trying to get a refund. These fans acted this way all because he had gotten himself a girlfriend. This should have impacted the idol a lot because their fans are their “life”. I had expected him to be very depressed and sad because there’s was barely anyone that showed up for “singing in the rain”. Yes, he was depressed and showed it, however, when he was acting and singing, he was putting in his best effort. He made it seem as though there wasn’t anything bothering him and was very happy with what he had. I don’t feel comfortable calling those people his fans because they only like him not of his talent but his fame. In society today, many people just follow the crowd and not thinking of what they want themselves. This also made me learn the lesson of cherish what you have and don’t let what others define who you are.

  13. I remember the moment when I learned to love myself despite of what other people say. After a really heptic day at work, I decided to take a seat on the old stool we have behind the counter before I started to clean the mess we had left. I work at an optical, and like any other medical office, people lose their patience when waiting to be seen by a doctor, therefore we have a television usually playing music videos of all genres to entertain the patients while they wait. As I took a seat on the stool, I noticed it was conveniently placed in front of one of the many mirrors we have at the optical, without even wanting to, I saw my reflection and noticed the many pimples on my face, the big bags under my eyes and how messy and frizzy my hair was. I turned the mirror around to see my reflection as I tried to relax, and looked to my left, where the T.V. is, that’s when a very familiar music video started playing. It was a Meghan Trainor song, that I had heard around 20 or 30 times before, but never payed much attention to. Before that day, I never considered myself to be her fan, I always thought of her as a bit childish due to her music videos and a bit ridiculous at times, but for some reason, let it be the little energy I had, or how disappointed I was after looking at myself on the mirror, but I found myself captivated by all the colors on the screen started paying attention to the lyrics of the song. The song playing was “All About that Bass” it is about her not meeting society’s expectation of the way she should look like to be considered pretty or beautiful, and how she does not let that affect the way she feels about herself, because the fact that she is different is exactky what makes her unique and beautiful. The song played at the perfect time, as soon as the song finished I felt empowered and realized that I do not have to try to fit into society’s norm of “beauty” and ever since that day I have been working on my confidence, and I can honestly say it has been working, not only for myself, but also those around me. I have also noticed that I have been happier and much more productive.

  14. I remembered the moment when I learned smart work and time management plays a big role in every aspect of life. So, one day I was watching videos on YouTube and I found a random video “Don’t waste your time” by famous Indian youtuber Sandeep Maheshwari. He was explaining his views to the other youngsters where I realized just like me they are some other youngsters who have the same problem how to utilize the time in a good manner which increased my interest of watching the video. He explained that an individual should keep himself/herself busy in a way that he/she is doing their work and learning something new in the same time. Based on his own life experience, a person should never keep himself/herself free, which maybe not related to the career and a person also wants to do it. The one line he stated that there is nothing like time pass in life everything is utilization of time just a person has to observe it and learn through it. An individual should always listen and observe to the views of other people so that each passing day he/she becomes more smart, increase own understanding level and always have a energetic learning attitude. He further suggested that an individual learning power should be like a wave of river which never gets stuck. Always meet new people, also the people who are related to your career and get new ideas from them. After listening to this I learned how I have to keep myself busy and learn each passing time. I promised myself that I will have the mindset of keeping myself busy and learning something new as one day it will become my habit. In conclusion, on that day my free time resulted in my learning time where I learnt something motivational as well as I got my ideal model who guided me in my free time.

  15. I remember the moment when I learned determination. I was scrolling through the facebook before the bedtime. I found a interesting video, which there was a man explaining the reasons that why people failed when they were achieving their body goals, and tried to motivate people not to give up from working out. Suddenly, I felt stunting and started questioning myself “ did I succeeded? Or it is not enough.” I had gave up many times, because I don’t see any obviously changed on my body, and stopped going to gym for 6 months. Finally, through my own contrition, I learned that I need to do something, and decided to change. I started to follow that man through any social media app, and tried to follow every step he took. Eventually, I met my limit again as usual. Different from before, I didn’t give up but break the limit. I have realize that I’m reaching closer to the success, and I found determination. This man really impacted my life, and he had taught me not to give up when you face the dilemma. If you don’t push yourself, you’ll never know how much your potential can be. He will always be my role model.

  16. I remember the moment I had spiraled into a feeling of most excruciating physical and emotional pain in what had supposed to be one of the happiest place on earth. Dorney Park turned into a nightmare the moment I dropped my phone off the highest roller-coaster in the park. The detachment from my social outlet shattered me. I worked long weeks saving up to be able to afford the phone all for it to fall off a ride due to pure clumsiness, forgetfulness, and stupidity. My heart fell along with my phone that day but I held back the rage. The nightmare continued as I slammed my finger in the car door, leaving the tip of the pointer of my dominant hand crucially injured. the hanging skin, black nail and thick hot blood dripping down my finger put me in a frenzy of physical pain and built up rage from the incident earlier. The day continued to get worse as the stain on my khaki shorts, which had appeared to be water from the water-park earlier, turned out to be blood. It seemed as if I had spilled salt or walked under a ladder that day. Although my day was bad, I kept a smile on my face for the sake of my family. During the car ride home, my sister let me listen to music on her phone and Whitney Houston, one of my favorite vocalists of all time, came on. Hearing her distinct angelic voice gave me a connection to her as I recalled how countless times she would create a facade of pure happiness merely for the sake of her fans even during her miserable life of drug use and mental abuse. My day wasn’t as bad as Whitney’s drug overloaded life but due to my dramatic tendencies, I connected with her and somewhat understood what it felt like to hold back my own feelings to keep someone else’s sun shining.

  17. I remember the moment when I learned about the hate that Demi Lovato was getting. I was sitting on my couch, scrolling through twitter when I read some very hateful things about Demi Lovato, a music artist who I had always admired. My heart sank, as I read through some of the comments because they were so cruel. I realized that Demi was just like everyone else, she was not just loved, she also received a lot of hate. I immediately felt bad for her, because I knew what it was like to be bullied. That is when I realized that even though she is famous we aren’t that different, and bullying can happen to anyone. A few days later I saw something Demi had posted and was inspired, because she was not going to let the haters get to her. I was angry that these people would say such cruel things about someone, but was also in awe of how she handled the situation. This sort of strength is what a lot of her fan base is made up of. People are given hope, because if Demi Lovato can get through bullying, then so can they.

  18. Rachel’s response:

    I remember the moment I was sitting in my living room eagerly waiting for the NBA finals to go on. I was sitting on the couch with my brother talking about who we thought would win the finals. My brother is a fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers, me on the other hand, I was rooting for the Golden State Warriors, who are my favorite team. The NBA finals went on at around ten o’clock, and I was already on the edge of my seat by second half. The Cavs were in the lead by 24 points, and I was worried that Golden State wouldn’t be able to catch up. However, by the end of the fourth quarter Golden State began to catch up and before I even knew it the score was 96-Cavs to 102-Golden State. One thing that stood out to me in the game was Stephen Curry’s famous three pointer, I would always try taking the shot when I played with my brother but I could never make it. After watching the NBA finals I decided to work on that three-point shot, and after a while I started get the hang of it. I learned that no matter how hard something seems to be, nothing is impossible when you put your mind to it. The Golden State Warriors were losing by 24 points but they turned everything around because they were working hard to achieve their goals. They never gave up, they pushed themselves to win, and they did. One thing that I took from this game was that you must always fight to achieve your goals, and to never give up.

  19. Samara’s response:

    I remember the moment when I learned that Celine Dion was not only an extremely talented singer, but a kind and friendly person. As an impressionable child, Celine made her mark in my memory through my mother’s love of her music, my siblings’ constant performance of her tunes, their hilarious imitations, and their tearful conclusions of “My Heart Will Go On”. I was awed. From my perspective, she was very distant. Having been born in 1998, and having never seen The Titanic, I never knew exactly who she was. As a child I would encourage whatever subject my siblings were talking about regardless of whether I knew of it. One day I sat in the kitchen with my mother, eating my breakfast to the accompaniment of ’60 Minutes’ on PBS. The show had just ended when suddenly the fabulous Celine Dion was on the screen in concert. As she ended her first song she reached out to the audience and asked if anyone would like to come up. Seemingly out of nowhere, a teenager was on the stage belting out ‘Because You Loved Me’ and Celine Dion was genuinely shocked by what a beautiful voice the girl possessed. The girl was obviously ecstatic to be singing with the biggest star of the 90’s and Celine was showing indescribable amounts of apparent respect and camaraderie. This was when I, as a mere eight-year-old child, was convinced that one day she and I could be friends. This one-way interaction was enough so that for the rest of my life she was and continues to be to me a role model for kindness, perseverance and many other positive qualities.

  20. I remember the moment when I learned to pursue our dreams instead of following orders from parents. It happened when I just graduated from high school. I was very confused about what career I should choose, and I do not have a single clue on which major I should take. I look through online articles and so on to look for something I might be interested in. However, I can’t find any. One day when I was cleaning my room, I saw this advertisement I got from the mail by queen’s college offering accounting program. I looked up information online and found out that I do have a little interest in this subject. Since I am a person who is shy and do not like to deal with customers face to face, the job environment for an accountant fit me perfectly. I went to approach my mum and tell her about my thinking. My mum rejected my suggestion and told me that an accountant will not be as successful as a doctor or a pharmacist. She insisted to send me to a pharmacist school. This major rejection from the person whom I love hits me bad. I went into depression for a few days. Scrolling through online media, I saw a video by Rich Chigga, an Indonesian rapper from Jakarta. He talked about the challenges he faced in the road of becoming one of the best youngest rapper in the world. He never had formal education because he was homeschooled. He started off as a youtuber by posting comedy recorded by himself. Later, when he met an American friend online. The American friend introduced him to the hip hop culture which amazed him. Although he had limited knowledge on English, he strived to learn and be a good rapper. He learnt English by only watching YouTube tutorial. His friends made fun of his dreams and tell him that being a rapper as an Indonesian will not have a successful career. They also told him that he was just wasting his time. However, he never gave up. He continued his hard work. Not long after that, he released his first debut track titled “living the dream “and “Data Stick”. “Data stick” then went on to peak at number four on the Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-hop. This motivated me instantly. Someone who started from rock bottom and know nothing about English becomes a famous rapper. He inspired to pursue my dreams instead of letting people to discriminate my choice. We will face a lot of difficulties in life and even our loved ones might not support our decision. However, Rich Chigga will always be my motivation and role model to not give up on my dream no matter what happens

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