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Find a celebrity gossip online blog (Perez Hilton, Bossip, Just Jared, Radar, Gawker, etc.), isolate an argument in any of the entries, and post a rebuttal to it.

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  1. The blog post which interested me is about Justin Bieber sending a direct message to look for a girl who is working as a receptionist at a gym. After the incident, the girl screenshotted the message and posted on twitter getting a lot of attention from Justin Bieber’s fans as well as the public. There is one person commented on the post talking bad about her regarding the pose of her accentuating her butt in one of her pictures as well as taking the event not something very special or serious which need not be bragged by the girl. In my perspective, I think that the person overreacted to the situation. First, the pose the girl had in the picture is actually very popular among female fitness models and bodybuilders. They have trained with persistence and determination just to get such good body figure and flaunting them occasionally is not a big deal if they are comfortable and confident about it. Meanwhile, it is unrelated to the person who commented and he or she might not even have the courage to take up the fitness lifestyle which requires such hard dedication in dieting and working out caused me to have a perspective that the person does not even have the right to discriminate her. Based on his/her second comment, I think that getting attention from a celebrity can somehow excite a person. Furthermore, the celebrity is Justin Bieber who is so well known among the millennials. I believe that the girl is just trying to show her happiness as well as sharing her unique experience which she will remember forever in her life because such event happens once in a blue moon. Normally celebrities will not direct message to look for someone they are interested in because they know that people will somehow try to make it viral leading to rumors about the celebrities which might affect their fame. In this case, I do think that the girl has all her right to be happy and excited about and no one should discriminate her or talk bad about her in social media.

  2. About three days ago on social media I came across a lot of posts or as people call it “memes” making fun of Kylie Jenner and they all stated her being pregnant. The Kardashians are widely followed in mass media so this news was big and blew up. Unsure that this was true I further explored the topic by looking at Kylies Instagram where I found her most recent picture posted of her wearing a white bodysuit and a black corset. This picture was in almost all the memes about her and everyone was saying she was “crushing the baby’s head”. Kylie does have a very lean body and the outfit fit her well, but she was getting insulted through the comments about her being pregnant and how she shouldn’t be wearing that. Rumors spread rapidly about celebrities so I didn’t choose to believe this and ignored the topic until I came across a blog post that interested me. The blog post was from TMZ and is titled “Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott, It’s a Girl!!!” The post in a nutshell talks about Travis Scott telling his friends that him and Kylie are pregnant, and family confirmed this information to TMZ. It also says the couple tells sources directly that they are having a baby girl and that Kylie is about 5 months pregnant. This is controversial in mass media currently because Kylie is presently portrayed, based off her pictures, still having a slim figure and not a baby bump at all. A lot of attention is being brought to her because she’s not only a Kardashian but she’s the youngest of the five sisters. Regarding all the negative posts on social media, everyone is acting abrupt about this news and making fun of Kylie because of it. Being pregnant, no matter who you are, is considered a gift because after all it is the gift of life. This is a precious thing and I’m sure the family and friends of both Kylie and Travis are very happy and excited for them. The Kardashians get hated on widely because they’re said to have no talent and are just rich. Therefore, people are making jokes but on the other hand for example Beyoncé, another very well-known celebrity getting pregnant with Blue Ivy and then the twins, wasn’t joked about the way Kylie is.

  3. At one point, One Direction was the biggest boyband in the world. Even though they aren’t together anymore, they probably are still considered that. On the outside everything seemed like sunshine and rainbows. Once they started their hiatus, the truth came out. It started with Zayn talking about how the band made him unhappy and the reasoning behind why he left. Recently, member Liam spoke out about his time in One Direction and how it lead to his drinking problem. He said that he “wasn’t happy” which led him to escape using drinking and gaining weight. In my opinion, I don’t think he can 100% blame being in the band for this. He was an adult at the time that he was in the band, and I think he should at least know to have some self control. Sure, being in the band is not easy and traveling all the time can be hard, but you cant just blame major problems like that on the band. There are people that go through many traumatic life changes that don’t result in using things like alcohol to escape. He also talks about having fans be outside and not being able to go out freely took a toll on him as well. I understand that that can get overwhelming, but when you become famous, it is essentially part of the job.

  4. Recently there was a bomb news that blew the entertainment group. The news was that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with Travis, a young rapper. Kylie was spotted that she broke up with Tyga, a famous west coast rapper in April. She quickly hooked up with Travis right after her break up with Tyga. This galvanized a lot of fans of Tyga. After months of dating, Kylie Jenner was pregnant and expecting her first child at the age of 20 in February of 2018. According to the insiders, the Kadashian family was worried about Kylie’s capability of taking care of the baby. In a rebuttal, my point of view is that Kylie Jenner is able to keep the baby. She had built her beauty empire with her abilities. Therefore, she does not have financial burdens like the other young mother. The lack of financial difficulties enable her to raise the baby up healthily. Also, I believe that even if Kylie doesn’t last long with Travis Scott, but she still got a big family that can support the child the grow up with love.

  5. Recently, I saw a post about a picture of Emma Watson wearing a see-through sweater that only covers parts of her breasts. Due to the fact that Emma Watson is a well known feminist. Watson replied to the people that questioned her that feminism is about freedom and giving women choices. In the post, the author talked about fans of Beyonce’s attitudes toward the picture. Fans of Beyonce feels that Watson is being a hypocrite. This is because Watson had made a statement before to Beyonce’s 2013 visual album on a interview of 2014. The fans cited quotes from the interview to proof that Watson is criticizing other women for taking their clothes off. In my perspective, I felt that some fans of Beyonce are bashing on Emma Watson because they felt Watson insulted their idol. However, if they had try more effort to research on the interview they would have known that Watson was always on Beyonce’s side. This reflects the fact that people in today’s society are not looking into the news they are reading. They are attracted by the words that’s labeled on there intentionally and believes them without any research. If those fans have took time to actually research on Watson’s interview from 2014. They would have known that there’s nothing hypocritical about Watson’s replies. Then all this nonsense discrimination about Emma Watson being a hypocrite would not have happen.

  6. Just recently I have been hearing about how famous female rapper, Cardi B, is the first female rapper to hit the #1 spot on the billboards since 1998, for her song ” Bodak Yellow”. Cardi B is a very new rapper and initially got her fame off of her funny instagram videos. Now, many people think that Nicki Minaj is jealous of Cardi because Nicki became famous years before Cardi did, and has never hit the billboard #1 for the best female rapper. Some of the Cardi B fans have been tweeting at Nicki just saying “Bodak Yellow” or for congratulating Cardi, and this caused Nicki Minaj to to block them. Many people thought this was contradictory because Nicki was congratulating Cardi, but then when someone tweeted at Nicki saying some thing that she allegedly did not like, she blocked them. In my opinion I just think that most people on social media are just trying to look for the cracks in a situation to start drama. The only reason I think Nicki Minaj felt the need to block these people was because she was feeling mocked because a brand new artist got something that she never did, which isn’t unreasonable. It is kind of annoying to have people tweeting at you about something that has a hidden message behind it. It can really be taken the wrong way. But Cardi B and Nicki Minaj never had beef. I actually believe that they both admire each others work tremendously and they can both definitely learn a lot from one another.

  7. For years, 19 Kids and Counting had been a very popular show on TLC. Many people watched as the conservative devout independent Baptists family grew. As many did, I indulged in the show since their lifestyle was very unusual to many. The girls had to wear skirts all the time and were dressed very conservatively and they had very strict rules on dating. Instead of dating they used the term “courting ” which usually happened before a couple gets married. During this process many rules were to be followed: they were not allowed to kiss, they always had to have a chaperon, they were allowed to hold hands, and their hugs were only supposed to be 3 seconds long. Due to their very conservative lifestyle many people have gravitated toward the show, but recently a scandal had surfaced. One of the children, Josh Duggar had cheated on his wife and sexually assaulted women in the past including his sisters. Since then the media has been looking for ways to expose the family even more, or bring up rumors. The latest rumor I had come across was posted on “Hollywood Gossip” pertaining to one of the 19 children, Joy Duggar’s newlywed and pregnancy status. The article states that the newly wed couple allegedly broke courtship rules and had premarital sex resulting in the pregnancy.A shotgun wedding is what the site predicts since the wedding date was changed from October to May. In addition the Hollywood Gossip site believes that this claim can be supported by the statement Joy’s husband, Austin makes. He claimed that they broke courtship rules: he kept Joy out after her curfew, she sat on his lap, and they even had a hug that lasted more than 3 seconds. Then they go on to make fun of the couple stating, “Someone go to Web MD and let us know if four-second hugs can result in pregnancy.” Honestly this is totally uncalled for. Sure, the Duggar’s son Josh did make huge mistakes in his life ultimately putting a Scarlet Letter on the Family name. It makes this family a direct target which shouldn’t be the case since the children are going out to do what they want in life. Now that they are adults I believe that they can make their own decisions and deal with the consequences. Many young teens these days are involved in premiscuous activities that are looked down upon, but media isn’t bringing attention to them. They are bringing the attention to grown married adults who are free to make their own decisions.

  8. One particular event that has been circling around social media for a while now is the word that Kylie Jenner is having Travis Scotts baby. There have been multiple tweets, memes and blogs going around about this baby and the possibilities. Although this itself is interesting I’d like to go more in detail about another rumor connecting Kylie’s baby to Kim Kardashian. It has been said that Kylie is not having Scott’s baby but instead is actually the surrogate for Kim and Kanye’s third child. I have seen multiple tweets, blogs and memes about this and finally came to the conclusion that it is definitely not true. Especially after hearing that information regarding Kim and Kanye’s segregate has been shared, and none of her descriptions are remotely similar to Kylie it is safe to say that she is not the surrogate. In the blog it refers to news as speeding like wild fire and agree with this because it is true the second a rumor is out theres no stopping it. But even after being disclaimed I still have a feeling many people will hold on to this surrogate theory until the baby is born and they feel there is proof. I don’t agree with the way the bog says it was a safe no to this from the beginning, because I feel that with the Kardashians you never really know whats going on and anything is possible.

  9. Maybe I’m being harsh and critical and reaching, but I want to talk about Taylor Swift sending Cardi B flowers after the rapper took the pop singer’s spot for #1 on Billboard. Most of the articles are praising her for this kind gesture, while I’m aware is a kind gesture, I just believe all the praise isn’t worth it? Especially for someone who’s proven to be vindictive and manipulative on many occasions. Taylor herself said “the old Taylor is dead,” in her new come back single, yet she’s still out here, not-so-subtly shading people in her music and acting like she’s blameless. Even the title puts the blame on whoever the subject of this song is. The song title is not “Look What I Did”. It’s “Look What You Made Me Do,” as if Swift isn’t an adult who can choose to take the high road and not retaliate. As if she herself hadn’t begged to be excluded from the narrative she consciously kept going for years, and is still fueling right now, with this single. The article calls the flower giving a power-move that proves Swift isn’t a sore loser nor holds any bitter feelings and yeah, that’s a safe assumption. It was a very kind gesture, but worth praise? Worth attention? No.

  10. Recently I saw an article about Kate Middleton being pregnant with her third child. The reaction of the world for her first two children was an excitement and joy for her and the rest of the royal family, and usually this news would come as a joy not only to the royal family but to the world. However, this time, the world had the reaction of shock and sadness and decided to shame Kate for wanting to expand her family. Kate is getting hate from people all over the world for the sole reason that they think she is having to many kids. Whats wrong with three children?! In my family there are four of us and I think its a perfect size. This is subjective towards what Kate wants, no one else can tell her otherwise. She is the boss of her own body and no one can tell her what to do or what not to do with it. It is wrong of those people to make her feel bad about having more children. The amount of kids she wants is her choice. She should be happy to have more kids, thats her decision.

  11. Celebrities are human beings just like the rest of us, they make mistakes and as they get older, they regret some decisions they made in the past. Just because they are in the public eye, we cannot expect them to be perfect or to always make the right choices. This is not what Christian Baker thinks, the author of the article “Stars Who Never Seem to Learn Their Lesson” published on the website “”. In the article mentioned above, Mr. Blake lists 12 celebrities who have repeatedly made many mistakes throughout their careers such as Shia LaBeouf and how he “loses his cool” and uses profanities in front of women and children, he also talks about the many relationships Taylor Swift has been in and writes a song after each breakup, something that should be praised instead of criticized. What most people after a breakup is cry to let the pain out, while Taylor has found a way of making money out of it, and that is pretty amazing. In the article, Mr. Baker also mentions Lamar Odom and his alcohol and drug abuse, Jennifer Lopez’s 3 failed marriages, Lindsay Lohan’s countless arrests and Scott Disick’s on and off relationship with Kourtney Kardashian. There is one thing that Christian Baker failed to mention in his article, and that is that all of the mistakes that these celebrities made are the same mistakes we make. I am not saying that what they did was right, but we should not criticize these people as much as we do for making the same mistakes we make, the only difference between them making those mistakes and us doing the same is that when they do it, millions of people find out. We make these people famous and the media puts them in a pedestal only to push them down and drag them until their image and reputation has been ruined. Some people argue that celebrities signed up for the job knowing that there would be little privacy, and although this is true, it is only to a certain extent, and there should also be some type of respect for them, as they, just like us, are human beings who make mistakes and have a private life apart from their career and personal lives.

  12. Rihanna’s self-portrayal has become such a controversial topic in the media. Many people see Rihanna as a bad influence to young girls who listen to her music. Her bold fashion statements and her explicit music videos are what arises conversation among critics and worried mothers. Despite the negative opinion of Rihanna as a role-model, she is currently one of the most positively influential female artists in the music industry. She has recently received the Peter J. Gomes Humanitarian Award from Harvard University for her large charity work in the Caribbean Islands. She was also named the 2017 Harvard University Humanitarian of the Year for her outstanding work promoting healthcare and education. Rihanna also created a line of makeup called Fenty to fill the void of makeup for women of all shades; with colors as light for someone with albinism to the darkest shades of brown. Her intention was to build the confidence to all women of every race and make a statement that no one should be left out and that there is something for everyone. Makeup companies are infamous for creating foundations and powders beneficial for people with light pigmentation. Rihanna’s beauty line however creates an equality for all skin tones. So although Rihanna may be seen as an out-of-line vulgar woman, she is everything but.

  13. A few weeks back, Khloe Kardashian’s pregnancy has been a very hot topic about the Kardashian family. Perez Hilton which is an online celebrity scandal blog posted about this topic stating that Kris Jenner accidentally slip that her daughters Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian are both expecting. A lot of fans are extremely interested with the ongoing matters of the Kardashian family because of their fame. However, there are also some of them who hate them a lot because they think that the Kardashians are over exaggerating in their lifestyle. There is this blogger named thepasguy who commented very rudely regarding the Kardashian family. He refers them as self-centered and should not be famous due to their lack of talent. I think that Americans should not discriminate any of the celebrities because of who they are. They are being famous for a reason either they are good at entertaining their audience or they have some specific talents. If we are not interested with their news, we can just ignore them and move on instead of commenting rudely in their post. This will devalue ourselves as well as hurting the celebrities. Although most of the celebrities are used to being shamed by some of the audience. This is because no one of the celebrities can entertain every single Americans because different people has different preference.

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