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According to the reading we’ve done so far (Williamson, Turner, Marshall in particular) is there a difference between journalism and tabloid journalism?

Choose a celebrity scandal from the past year and find three different reports of that scandal from three different forms of media–one of which must be a traditionally celebrity-oriented source (such as People magazine, or its online counterpart), one source generally considered news (like CNN or Newsweek), and one type of new media (blog, YouTube, etc.). Include direct quotes from each type of journalism to back your assertion.

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  1. Besides the difference in size, tabloid journalism has a few significant differences compared to normal journalism. First, tabloid journalism tends to create more topics based on celebrity culture in order to catch the attention of readers. However, due to the limited resource and competition from other magazines, they will add in some fiction stories to enhance the celebrities’ news they are reporting. As a result, tabloid journalism is more irresponsible in terms of reporting news. Meanwhile, they tend to be put most of their focus on celebrity culture causing a significant diversion from more important political and social issues. On the other hand, their counterpart – normal journalism, will report on every news instead of just focusing on celebrity culture. One of the main factors for tabloid journalism to have such reporting methods is due to the interest of readers. In short, tabloid journalism tends to fulfill the needs of the reader, but the usual journalism focuses more on being the watchdog of the society by providing them news with reliable source.
    David Mueller, a former radio host, filed a lawsuit case on prominent pop singer, Taylor Swift because she caused him to lose his job by reporting David sexual harassing Taylor during a meet and greet session. He filed 3 separate cases which consist of 2 on Taylor Swift and 1 on Taylor’s mum. Although one of the charges for Taylor Swift is dropped by the judge the other 2 are still ongoing. Taylor hopes that by standing up against sexual harassment by countersuing will give courage to her fans as well as other teenagers who aren’t brave enough to speak up for themselves.
    This situation is a moment worth to act as a teaching lesson for all the teenagers. CNN talks about all the details happening on the court as well as being able to add in some interviews with their reader in order to strengthen their stance. ‘She’s suing for a dollar because it gives her an opportunity to use her public platform to talk about how inappropriate this behavior is and how unacceptable it should be by our society’ said by Johnson Hostler on CNN further strengthen the statement of this situation being a perfect time to implant the idea of standing up against sexual harassment. Additionally, CNN gave statistics results in the report to back their news regarding standing up for sexual harassment is a contemporary social problem. CNN states “Only 20% of female student victims, age 18-24, report sexual violence to law enforcement, according to a DOJ report.” This further strengthens the reliability of CNN news.
    In People’s magazine, David Mueller in court defense is reported as well as emphasizing on the reaction of Taylor Swift when she is allegedly being accused to have no reaction after being sexually harassed. “Is that the face of someone who’s had someone grab their butt? Who is shocked?” he asked the jury. People’s magazine reports “There’s nothing in Taylor Swift’s face to suggest anything is wrong. Meanwhile, Swift herself turned away from the public gallery towards her mother and dabbed tears from her eyes.” By reporting in such manner, reader will sympathize Taylor as well as to be more interested in reading the report to know more about the news. People’s magazine is trying to get to their readers emotion like the typical tabloid journalism. Moreover, all of this can be fictionized to dramatize the story.
    In a Youtube video by Nicki Swift regarding this scandal, she summarized reports from different sources both newspaper as well as online media such as Twitter to provide a thorough report regarding the scandal. She covers mostly on the more general idea of what’s going on instead of going into the detail of the reaction of Taylor or David Mueller in the court. She focuses more on letting readers know the exact story and at the same time providing reliable evidence by showing her sources in the video. In the end of the video, she shows some of the tweets from Taylor’s fans in order to portray the impact of this case on the public.

  2. According to Marshall’s reading, there is a difference between journalism and tabloid journalism. Marshall writes that proper journalists maintain certain neutrality from their subjects. I take from this statement that he means journalism focuses on the general analysis of things, nothing too intimate or revealing when speaking about something unless asked to. It’s objective is to inform readers and not cross any lines of false information. Proper journalists take pride in reporting news of value. Some of it has now transformed into tabloid journalism throughout the times and is the opposite of what journalism once was. Tabloid journalism is a style of journalism that emphasizes sensational crime stories, gossip columns about celebrities and sports stars, junk food news and astrology. He writes that celebrity journalism is an investigation of the self, the private, and the intimate and it’s normal for tabloids to now fabricate stories for more clicks and attention. It’s for entertainment purposes and publicity for celebrities. It aims to catch the interest of readers with colors and pictures and emphasized words.

    A celebrity scandal that’s recently come up is the reuniting of the infamous couple “Jelena” made up of pop sensations Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. What’s scandalous about this is they’d broken up after 4 years of dating 2 years ago due to cheating claims from gomez’s end as well as both of them describing their relationship at one point ‘toxic. But neither ever denied but actually clarified in interviews ‘they’ll always love each other’, Bieber saying ‘Gomez is The One for him but things happen’. This of course had fans heartbroken and rooting for them to get back together. Two years later, as pictures of them two eating together arose, Gomez’s recent relationship of ten months with singer Abe Tesfaye otherwise known as the ‘The Weeknd’ abruptly came to an end. This had the three fandoms speculating online about what happened and why and the media immediately reported on this. ‘

    People’s most recent article about them, headlined ‘Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Fuel Reconciliation Rumors with a Bike Ride Days After Her Split from the Weeknd’ has HQ photos of the pair cycling together. They write “sources tell PEOPLE that Bieber’s and Gomez’s rekindled friendship was not responsible for the split. She and Abel have been going back and forth for a few months about their relationship,” the insider previously said of the couple, who dated for 10 months. “It’s been hard with him being on tour and her shooting in New York. That wasn’t easy on them. It’s over for now, but they’re still in touch.” People, a celebrity oriented news source gave an interesting, eye catching headline and gave supposedly ‘inside sources’.

    CNN entertainment’s headline is simply, “Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez excite fans” with one mention of The Weeknd, writing “For the record, exes can be friends and there has been no word that Gomez has split from her most recent love, singer The Weeknd..” This article chose to go a route not many other articles did. It reminds people exes can be friends, and doesn’t tease fans/make up fake sources and quotes. It reports centered around how happy social media fans are. “A recent report of the young stars hanging out has definitely given rise to hope among many in their strong fan bases that the former couple could get back together,” they write. CNN was more genuine and informative than People, in my opinion.

    HollywoodScoop on Youtube title their video, “Jelena lives! Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Spotted at Her house??! But what about The Weeknd?” Right away, any drama loving pop cultured teenager would want to click this and get the dish by the luring title. The reporter mentions that nothing proves they’re dating again, by reminding viewers the pair were with mutual friends. She also explained how exes can be friends and not get back together despite her misleading title.

  3. There is a slight difference between regular journalism and tabloid journalism. While they both report news, tabloid journalism tends to focus on the world of celebrities and gossip that has to do with famous people, and regular journalism mostly focuses on everyday news stories such as politics and big events. Tabloid journalism, according to Marshall, grabs the reader’s attention more because of the level of fame a celebrity has. The more famous, the more people will want to read. She says, “Whereas other news events may not produce the same effect of attracting readers, celebrity guarantees a high level of interest”. Many people would be more interested in reading gossip about a celebrity, than basic everyday news. Regular journalism also focuses more on facts and getting things as accurate as possible. False stories in tabloid journalism seems to be a common thing, whereas in newspapers and “official” news sites, the information you get seems to be more accurate.
    One celebrity scandal from the past year that made headlines was Kendall Jenner and her Pepsi commercial. In the commercial, Jenner is doing a photoshoot when she notices a protest going on. She stops everything she is doing and joins the protest with everyone else. She then grabs a can of Pepsi and hands it to the officer who is not a part of the protest. When she gives the Pepsi to the officer, everyone cheers and is happy and starts taking pictures. This stirred up controversy because many thought that Pepsi was using the Black Lives Matter movement as an advertisement for their product, and claiming that the way to end all the problems was to simply just drink a Pepsi.
    The New York Times reported this scandal, with the title “Pepsi Pulls Ad Accused of Trivializing Black Lives Matter”. In the article, they explained what the controversy was, and why many were upset about it. The author quotes the people who were outraged at the ad, using examples such as tweets from the daughter of Martin Luther King Jr. The article also included the statements Pepsi made regarding the article. Later in the report, the author talks about Kendall Jenner and her modeling work. They also reference how this is not the first time Jenner has had controversy surrounding her work. Overall, this article focused more on the outrage of the people, rather than focusing on Kendall Jenner.
    The Hollywood Reporter took a more opinionated approach, with their article titled ,”Critic’s Notebook: The Real Problem With Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Ad”. Like the New York Times, the author gives a backstory into the scandal and why it had many people upset, but after that, the author focuses more on what they should’ve done different, and their opinion on the scandal. The author says that Jenner would’ve been better in the commercial if she would’ve removed the “blond wig and too much makeup” to reveal “a new and more androgynous aesthetic”, but instead she hands the blonde wig to a “perplexed black woman”. The author also claims that the ad symbolizes the Kardashian/Jenner controversial relationship with black culture. Later in the article, the author focuses less on Jenner and more on how the ad didn’t have enough black representation in the making of the commercial.
    In the Pop Trigger YouTube video, “What’s Wrong With The Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad?”, the 4 reporters take a more casual approach to critiquing the controversy. Like the previous two reports, they start with a backstory to what happened, and then they go into their opinions of what they think is wrong. One part they talk about is how in the Pepsi apology, the company apologizes to Kendall Jenner for getting her involved in the issue. One reporter posed a rebuttal to this saying that “she knew what this ad was, what the message was”. She is essentially saying Kendall Jenner got herself into this mess, and should be held responsible for her actions just like Pepsi. It wasn’t like she didn’t know what she was getting herself into before.

  4. The difference between tabloid journalism and ordinary journalism is the genre of topics reported. In other words, while both report news, tabloid journalism is more concerned with celebrity gossip and regular journalism is more formal based. The incident that took place during this year’s Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, is a scandalous event brought to the eyes of many. The Best Picture award is the most honoring award received at the Oscars and is given out last to close up the show. When the movie La La Land, was announced Best Picture, the cast and producers came to the stage, filled with joy and gave speeches on this significant accomplishment. Little did they know, they were not the winners, but the movie Moonlight had won Best Picture. The confusion was due to an “envelope malfunction” and the wrong name being read to the audience in Dolby Theatre, and to those watching live at home.
    An article from Peoples Magazine titled “Inside Oscars Envelopegate! What Really Went Down After Best Picture Shock: ‘He’s Got the Wrong Envelope!’, focuses on the atmosphere in Dolby Theatre and the chaos taking place onstage and the reactions in the audience. “There was utter shock and confusion through the crowd when the dust settled on what will no doubt go down as the most shocking moment in Oscars history”. While producers were in the middle of their speeches, several crew members working the Oscars awards, came to the stage and it was clear that something was wrong. Because why were there people with headsets on stage reading the envelope with shocked expressions on their faces? After revealing that Moonlight had won, they explained the mistake that just took place. Emma Stone won Best Actress in a Leading Role from her role on La La Land prior to the Best Picture award. The wrong name was read, due to reading the wrong card. But Emma further explains after the Oscars to the press that she was holding her winning envelope the entire time and that they couldn’t use that as the excuse for what had just happened.
    The host of the Oscars this year was well-known talk show comedian, Jimmy Kimmel. A video on YouTube, titled “Jimmy Kimmel Reveals What Really Happened at Craziest Oscars Ever”, features Kimmel on his live show the day after the Oscars, explaining what had taken place. Using comic relief on stage he says, “it is very unfortunate what happened, personally I blame Steve Harvey for this”, referring to Harvey’s mix up when announcing the wrong Miss Universe. While trying to clear up what happened, he explained that “it turns out they both had the card, for whatever reason they have two of each card in each envelope, a regular and a backup, just to make it more confusing”, the announcer was given the wrong card. It is evident that Kimmel is trying to use some comic relief to reduce the tension of it all not only in the moments on stage but also during his show. He further uses this technique when he refers to the Oscars as “the weirdest TV finale since Lost”. Kimmel explains how the producers from whichever movie were onstage because he didn’t know the ones for La La Land and Moonlight and he was just “standing there like an idiot feeling bad for them and trying not to laugh”.
    An article from titled “The Full Story Behind The ‘La La Land’ And ‘Moonlight’ Oscars Mix-Up”, explains the casts feelings and behaviors, as well as the crew’s actions. “For their part, the cast and crew of both La La Land and Moonlight were gracious in light of the error.” A cast member of Moonlight explained how he felt happy for La La Land on winning Best Picture then additionally comments “When I did see people coming out on stage and their moment was being disrupted, I got really worried. I didn’t want to go up there and take anything from somebody,”. Both casts did not have to react so pleasing during this, but they did. Ultimately, a surprising part of it all was that a producer of La La Land was the one who got on the microphone to address the situation and announce Moonlight as the winner of Best Picture. Out of all the officials on stage, nobody had stepped up and this makes the producers of the Oscars look bad.

  5. In today’s news tabloid journalism and regular journalism are the same thing. This idea is backed by Marshall, who also thinks that journalism and tabloid journalism are moreover the same thing. Even if they were different there is an extremely fine line that distinguishes one from the other, it is hard to tell the difference. One way Marshall determines tabloid journalism from regular journalism is the question that the certain article should or should not answer. “What is this person really like?”. If it is a tabloid article, then that question would be answered. Tabloid journalism is mostly “fluffy personal stories”, while regular journalism should be straight out facts on the given topic. One reason for this normalization of tabloid journalism, is because the celebrities popularity quality reflects those of royalty. When the first newspaper came out the royal were often shown, keeping them in the public eye. Now the royalty are equivalent to the celebrities. In the news, tabloid journalism and journalism all cover news, sports, fashion, and celebrity gossip. It became normal for journalists to cover that range of topics because it is so centric in the common person’s daily life.
    Justin Bieber an international singing phenomenon, recently cancelled his ‘Purpose’ tour in the summer of 2017 for what seems to be like no reason. This would not be the first time Justin Beiber acted this way, by cancelling some of his concerts.
    According to people magazine, Justin cancelled the tour from “unforeseen circumstances” which I think is a weird excuse. Then it goes on to state that he was extremely tired from touring for a year and a half therefore, he cancelled the rest of the tour. People magazine explains, “He actually does like being on tour, but he’s been touring for 18 months straight and it takes a toll.” Because Justin cancelled the rest of his tour, people who were supposed to go were devastated.Social media was booming with the mourning of disheartened fans who would not get to see Justin Bieber in concert.
    The New York Times stance on the chaotic cancellation of the end of Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose’ tour was calmer than People Magazines. They gave the same reason of “Unforeseen circumstance” but in this article they added that he cancelled it for the well being of his mind and soul. Justin Bieber performed 150 shows within the last year and a half and only cancelled the 14 remaining shows. To fans who were supposed to see the show it is crazy and unfair but to others, it would make sense to why he would want to cancel them. Justin wants a vacation. He has not had time to relax in almost two years. He got to travel the world but he did not get to see it, he was working. Also if he did the last 14 shows there could have been a possibility of him going crazy again and getting into trouble. It is good that he knows himself and his limits.
    Clevver News on YouTube, shut down a rumor that was spreading on why Justin cancelled his tour. People thought that he cancelled his tour to start his own religion, however, that is not the case. He most likely cancelled the tour to focus on his own personal faith and connection to god. There was a pastor with him on tour guiding him, he did not tell him to cancel the rest of the tour, Justin Bieber did that on his own accord. Another rumor was financial issues with some of his staff, however from previous sources I learned that his tour gained about 165 plus million dollars. The host though it was a good idea that he cancelled his tour to focus on himself.

  6. Going through the different websites of various types of journalism it is clear that there is a difference between them. A reason for this is because they are aimed at different audiences, and each audience is interested in different types of news. E! Entertainment for example focuses on celebrity gossip and scandals, as well as Youtube based AwesomenessTV while CNN prioritizes news around the world. While in the E! Entertainment website, one is able to choose what type of celebrity gossip to read about, they have options such as “couples” “babies” and even more in depth about the private life of celebrities, with a tab dedicated to “travel”. On a similar note, AwesomenessTV is mostly based on celebrity gossip as well, with the titles of their videos capitalized and with exclamation points to catch the attention of the audience. On the other side of the spectrum, CNN has some celebrity news under the tab of “entertainment” with some of the stories being clips of the news.
    If there is a couple that has given the media something to talk about, it has definitely been Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, also known as Jelena. The title of the article in E! News is “Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Are Not Back Together Just Yet” its starts by calling the attention of all Jelena fans “Attention all Jelena fans: Your two favorite singers aren’t officially back together just yet.” The author Mike Vulpo implies that although they are not together, they will be soon enough, even though he has no proof of that. As a way to gain some credibility, E! News uses close sources of the celebrities, instead of interviewing the person involved in the drama to get the information first hand and more accurately. In the Youtube based AwesomenssTV, they offer a video almost 4 minutes long about Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber with the title “SELENA GOMEZ & JUSTIN BIEBER ARE BACK TOGETHER?!” in the description of such video, they assume that Selena Gomez and the Weeknd broke up over Justin Bieber and claim to know the real reason why Selena and the Weeknd broke up. In the video, they state that due to the timing, everyone believed that the reason behind their breakup was Justin Bieber, the truth is that Selena and The Weeknd’s relation has been dying out for some time now. Although they make it seem as if they are the only ones who happen to have these news, every other article, even from different sources, say the same thing. Similar to E! Entertainment, their main source of details about such news are friends and even family members of these celebrities, but the only difference is that unlike with E! Entertainment, these sources don’t report directly to them, instead, the way that AwesomenessTV gets these stories is through TMZ, at a certain point in the video, they even say that they do not know who the sources are and that they know that not everything that is found in the internet is necessarily true. This means that they are telling news that they are not able to confirm to be true. However, there are more differences between the last two sources and CNN. The title of the article published in CNN is “Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez excite fans” This article is more informative than the other ones, the author, Lisa Respers, does not make any assumptions about the two and simply reports the many reactions of fans to the recently released photos of Selena and Justin. “A recent report of the young stars hanging out has definitely rise to hope among many in their strong fan bases that the former couple could get back together” In the article, there are several images of tweets from fans reacting to the news and even a screenshot of a post by E! News on Instagram, it is to be noted that the way Lisa Respers has written this article is not to share the news that Justin Bieber and Selena are hanging out again, but the main focus of the article is how people have reacted to the news rather than focusing on the news itself.

  7. While both journalism and tabloid journalism all report news stories. Both journalisms tend to report differently because of their focus points in the news article. In comparison, tabloid journalism reports their news in ways that would catch readers’ attention rather the true issue in the news. Even if it would cause readers to have a diversity of understandings on the news. However, the tabloid journalism does bring more views on the news article than regular journalism. On the other hand, even though journalism does not have the fancy headlines and attractive highlights. Journalism is usually written in more formal sentences and focus on the all the details of the main issues in the news. It is more formal and more reliable than tabloid journalism because it’s more responsible for the way they explain the news stories.
    Based on the article” Kevin Spacey apologizes for alleged sex assault with a minor” written by Madison Park from CNN. Park stated the in her first sentence on the main subject that had brought the title of the article. It was stated,” Actor Anthony Rapp has accused Kevin Spacey of making a sexual advance at him when Rapp was 14, Buzzfeed reported Sunday.” The article brought the topic out within the first sentence and cited the source at the same time too. It was much like what a professional news reporter would do and the title was fair too. Later on in the article, Park wrote just word for word of what Spacey had tweeted. She even posted the picture of Spacey’s tweet. There was no exaggeration nor any word choice that’s inappropriate. Then Park pointed out a tweet by Dan Savage in words and pictures.
    According to”Kevin Spacey Criticized for Coming Out in Apology” written by Stephanie Petit from People started as Spacey being criticized for his apology statements. It was said,” Kevin Spacey is being criticized for “hiding under the rainbow” after he came out in the same statement in which he apologized for alleged unwanted sexual advances.” In my opinion, I think Petit is trying to frame it better for more attention. Using terms like hiding under the rainbow and title the article like it’s wrong for the public to criticize Spacey. It was trying to frame Spacey’s image as a victim from the public. Petit also posted many pictures of celebrities tweeting their teasing comments. After Petit had sited Spacey’s statement, Petit states” However, many celebrities- some in the LGBT community- were critical of the statement.” It’s kind of convincing to me that Petit is actually trying to portray Spacey as the victim of public criticism.
    On the other hand, YouTube channel Joe Rogan Fan Page had made a video talking about the whole celebrity scandal of Kevin Spacey. The video started as Rogan talking emotionally about the headlines of today’s media are framing story headlines for attention. Compare to the other two media, Rogan’s video was less formal. Rogan is basically speaking out his own opinions while other media try to make themselves look neutral. His speech was often interrupted too by his partner in the video. Rogan also tends to use inappropriate words throughout the video. Rogan declares in the video,” I don’t know what happened right, but to decide that he’s absolutely telling the truth.” Even though he admitted that his words cannot be taking into credit. I felt that his speech are not irresponsible and more of him and his friend’s inner thoughts about the whole scandal. It does tell readers what had happened in this scandal, but his words are not really helping the readers to have fair judgments on the scandal.

  8. Journalism and tabloid journalism can be seen as the same thing, however, tabloid journalism is more focused on the celebrity side of the world. It is mainly gossip about celebrities and news that do not appeal to everyone, but a lot of the public that follow up on celebrities. Tabloid journalism is news that is sometimes over exaggerated, sensationalized, and because it revolves around celebrities, it is not always true and can be seen as rumors.
    TOP is a part of a KPOP group called Bigbang that is very famous not just in Korea but also worldwide. He was involved in a scandal that was pretty recent with the use of marijuana and in Korea, the use of marijuana is a very serious crime. According to rojakdaily, it wouldn’t have been known to the public and the police that TOP was using drugs, if it wasn’t for the trainee that was with him on several occasions smoking the drug with him. She was arrested for the use of drugs because she had been caught and while being interviewed by the police, she had mentioned his name. The article also talks about how TOP has been kicked out of the military because of the use of drugs. TOP using marijuana is like a culture shock to the Koreans because they don’t believe in taking medicine for mental health.
    Allkpop mentioned the fans, saying that the western fans were very surprised with how smoking marijuana can be such a big deal. In Korea, it is a big matter because they do not believe in the fact that Koreans should take pills for mental health. It is seen as bringing shame to the family, if it was known to others that they were taking pills because they were depressed, or had any other mental health problems. To Americans this is seen as weird because there are many doctors that prescribe mental health pills for the public for different symptoms like depression. Smoking Marijuana is not a huge deal in America because there are many people that smoke it and there are even some states that made marijuana legal.
    Blogs like Aminoapps give others news, but also input their own opinions. Blog sites are like tabloid journalism because the articles are wrote based on the opinion of the writer and not the facts. Aminoapps, however is on the better side of tabloid journalism where it’s facts are seen on different news articles though are few opinions on the authors take. The author also added an conclusion of everything in the article, and try to downplay the scandal by stating at the end “Never judge someone based on his mistakes”. Humans make mistakes no matter how perfect they may seem, it is part of what makes us humans.

  9. I believe the difference between journalism and tabloid journalism lies within the motives of the writer and the audience. Journalism is appealing to an audience that wants news and facts and takes an unbiased approach when presenting news. On the other hand, tabloid journalism is more for readers who are looking for drama, excitement, and opinions. The writers typically are more interested in expressing their own views and creating tension to make things interesting. For example, newsweek reported on Kevin Spacey’s recent incident of being alleged with sexual assault on a minor through professionalism and taking a neutral stance. Newsweek starts off the report by writing, “British police are looking into an allegation of sexual assault against the actor Kevin Spacey dating back to 2008, according to reports. The Sun newspaper in Britain reported Friday that a 23-year-old actor who had been staying over at Spacey’s house in 2008 says that he awoke to find Spacey performing a sex act on him. He claims that Spacey told him not to inform anybody of the situation.” Their approach on the story was to inform the reader and they used mostly facts and references leaving out any opinion or emotion. The use of the word “claim” also shows the writer is not showing any favoritism to either Kevin Spacey nor the victim.
    On the other hand, sources like thehollywoodgossip are more prone to bias and drama, taking a personal approach on stories to express their own views rather than the news itself. For instance, Emily Trainham posted her story on thehollywoodgossip saying, “Just a few hours after the interview was published, Kevin shared an apology on Twitter – well, an apology of sorts, anyway. Like, there’s definitely a reason his statement is getting all sorts of backlash.” Using like is already showing an unprofessional, laid back take on the story. Also, she belittled Kevin Spacey’s apology showing bias against the actor by saying she can see why he received negative feedback. She also says, “Then, just for fun, he came out, saying that “I choose now to live as a gay man.” To say his confession was “just for fun” is showing the writer’s hostility towards the incident, considering the writer’s overall comments throughout the article it is clear the writer sees anything from the actor in a bad light and is expressing it in an indiscreet manner.
    Youtube is another form of tabloid journalism and is a large platform where the you tubers make revenue off of adds and subscribers and views. To become successful it is important the content is able to attract viewers and for this reason a lot of creators use any means to catch people’s attention, such as click bait, which basically uses provocative thumbnail pictures or titles in an effort to coerce people to click on the video or article. Often times the actual content is irrelevant to the image or title. An example of this would be a channel named watchmojo who posted a video concerning Kevin Spacey’s alleged sexual assualt claims. The video titled “Kevin Spacey Accused of Sexual Assault – is his Career Over?” is used as a way to grab viewers attention by asking the question of whether the actor’s career is ending which will lure any of his fans into watching the video. However, upon watching, Kevin Spacey is only mentioned three minutes into the almost five minute video. Of course, the answer to the question made in the title was left unanswered.

  10. The major difference between tabloid journalism and ordinary journalism is the topic they are keen to report. Tabloid journalism tends to focus more on celebrity news and approach readers from emotional side whereas ordinary journalism tends to be more formal and report different kinds of news. The main reason for tabloid journalism to do so is because they try to get as much reader a possible from different classes in the wealth gap. Celebrity is the only genre which can gain interest from the rich as well as the poor, so they focus more on this topic to gain the maximum profit.
    One of the hottest celebrity scandal recently is regarding Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez being back together. After breaking up for several years, the two-infamous pop singer got back together excites their fans. People’s Magazine reporting the scandal by having a more specific title stating the on-going situation of the celebrities which is “Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Have Agreed to Keep Their Romance More ‘Low Key,’ Says Source.” People magazine is a traditionally celebrity-oriented source which supports the celebrity more and bring entertainment to the audience instead of reporting the true story. Furthermore, they emphasize on title details to grab the attention of audience who will be interested in the relationship of the celebrities. There is also some picture in the article to provide a better visualization for the readers. Moreover, there is a hook for readers which they have been expecting stating that Justin Bieber regrets what he did and finally grew up. “He knows what he did wrong in the past and understands that Selena deserves better. He wants to be with her and will do anything to prove he can be a great boyfriend.” Although this may not be true, but they added it in so that Selena Gomez’s fans will have more interest in this article and will start their own discussion regarding Justin Bieber’s come back.
    CNN, a generally considered news, reported this scandal by stating a lot of facts instead of conversation by the celebrities. They added some of the relationship history between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber into the article so that readers will have a clearer image of the whole story. CNN states, “In 2015, Bieber told Complex magazine that he and Gomez had their identities invested in each other when they were a couple.” Besides, they also inserted an Instagram and twitter picture of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. There are also some feedbacks from their fans in the picture. CNN is trying to cover the story as well as the reaction from their respective fans so that readers who are not the pop stars’ fans will understand the importance of this article.
    On the other hand, Youtuber named Awesomeness TV reported this scandal by having a person upfront to have a presentation and more of like a conversation with the audience. He reported the scandal in a very comedic way as well as trying to cover as much information as possible by talking about previous relationship of Selena Gomez with The Weekend before going back for Justin Bieber. There are a lot of pictures inserted in the video so that the audience will not get bored just by looking and listening to the presenter. Moreover, it is also a good way to improve the audience’s imagination regarding the celebrity’s relationship.

  11. It can be argued that regular journalism and tabloid journalism are very different, but do share some similarities. Regular journalism is more factual and less biased while tabloid journalism tends to be very biased and over dramatizes situations by rewording stories. This is very apparent when it comes to the sex scandals regarding Josh Duggar one of the many children from the hit reality show, “19 Kids and counting.” News stations and gossip magazines such as CNN, People Magazine, and even some Youtube broadcasts and vlogs like one another these informational sources use stories like the Josh Duggar’s scandal in order to obtain more publicity and ratings. In addition all of the titles include the two words, “Duggar Scandal” simultaneously. The titles include, “Life After Scandal: What the Duggars Have Told PEOPLE About Moving On from Josh’s Mistakes” posted by People magazine, “In Duggar Scandal, a Troubling Message for Girls” posted by CNN, and “Josh Duggar Scandal” uploaded to YouTube by Rachel Ballinger who has a following of 1.7 million subscribers. This helps them in catching the attention of audiences all ages for when it comes to gossip, scandal is a key word to catch the attention of someone. The act of using the use of these two words and using the story for publicity are the most similarities that these three sources exhibit. Yes, both of the articles use quote from the family. However they use them in very different ways: CNN uses quotes in order to manipulate their stance meanwhile People’s Magazines whole article is just made up of quotes from the family and no additional content.
    The YouTube video made by Ballinger does not delve into much detail about the whole situation. She addresses the issue for about no longer than a minute in a five minute question and answer video. While addressing the question about her stance on the situation Ballinger exclaimed, “Clearly that’s terrible, so TLC had to cancel the show” then continues to explain how the real problem was that the show got canceled just as “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”, another reality show containing scandal. Overall she doesn’t dismiss the situation, but she was more concerned with the show and how the scandals would play out in filming rather than the horrors of the allegations. In addition the YouTuber’s way of creating her video helped her in attracting her audience which is mainly made up of young fans. Thus by doing so she satisfies her younger audience who are accustom to more short and to the point videos. On the other hand, Peoples Magazine uses quotes from the actual family from “exclusive” interviews. Surprisingly the magazine doesn’t have any heavy or prominent bias unlike some of their other stories. However, unlike the YouTube video and article from “Peoples Magazine”, CNN uses more sophisticated language, thus targeting a more educated and older audience. They use phrases that included words such as: “misdemeanor”, “felony”, “perpetrator”, “evade”, “comprehensive”, and “allegations.”
    I was also surprised to see that CNN was very biased in this subject, out of all of the sources it contained the most opinionated content. The article contain phrases such as, “This kind of official response to unthinkable incidents is encouraging. So why is barely a whisper mustered to hold responsible parties accountable under the law when there are allegations of sexual abuse between young people living under one family’s roof?” and “What should have happened is simple. The Duggar parents should have taken immediate and effective steps to ensure everyone was safe — that victim and perpetrator had counseling from people trained and licensed to provide such services.” There are many other instances in the article of bias as well, but besides that this article was the most informative and had the most reliable information to of the other two sources. This is because they were able to get information like police reports and in addition had outside information such as laws and legal terms that tied it together. Due to this information it can be concluded that all of these types of journalism, regular and tabloid are different and alike in certain ways.

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