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Was Obama a celebrity? How does his celebrity status compare to that of Donald Trump and George W. Bush? And how does it differ from that of celebrities turned into politicians (e.g. Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger)?

Remember: you argument should be informed by the Hedges article due on Tuesday.

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  1. Barack Obama, the 44th US President, is one of the modern celebrity politicians. He is well known globalized due to the brand he is portraying even though he has little experience apart from being 2 years in the Senate. His brand is designed to deceive Americans from the true intention of the government. Through his leadership, Americans think that the president they have chosen has the same opinion with them. They also believe that their leader will strive hard to improve American’s current situation. However, it is only portrayed by the image of Barack Obama which Americans believe. This makes Obama brand to be extremely successful because he can do one thing and let people to believe another. It is considered as one of the biggest achievements of successful advertising. He is able to mask the wanton internal destruction and theft being carried out by the corporate state which will lead to a massive number of Americans to poverty. However, Americans will have no clue on it because they believe the image Obama portrays instead of looking into the true moves he made.
    On the other hand, Donald Trump, the 45h US President, has an exactly opposite celebrity status as Obama. He does not take the opinions of Americans into consideration. He leads the people based on his own perspective which is opposing most of the Americans’ view. However, he is honest with his action and he does not hide anything from Americans. In addition, he has a Twitter account which is operated by himself instead of letting her secretaries or special department to handle it. He tweets informally and acts like any other Americans who own a Twitter account. Moreover, he shows disrespect to people on Twitter and talks a lot about his opinion. In contrary, Barack Obama portrays the image of a good president by having a friendly twitter account.
    Whereas for George W. Bush, he is considered as in the middle between Donald Trump and Barack Obama. Although he does a lot of reckless choices and pass a lot of law that people opposes during his presidency, he still tries to maintain a friendly stance as a president. He keeps his social media formal just like Barack Obama and does not show disrespect to the leaders of other countries like what Donald Trump did.
    Celebrities turned politicians such as Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger have a even more special celebrity status than the other celebrity politicians. They are used to getting fame and being respected by their fans. When they are involved in politics, they know how to use the fame they have well enough to convince Americans about their ideas. Moreover, Americans will believe them more than the other politicians because they have seen these celebrities turned politicians before. Celebrities turned politicians tend to be more familiar to them compared to the other candidates because Americans tend to believe more in a person they have seen before instead of a complete stranger who goes on stage giving empty promises.

  2. In the United States, it has been a long debated question on the status of Barack Obama’s fame: Politician or Celebrity? For many young voters and young American citizens Obama has changed the celebrity status. While he was running for president there was a stigma surrounding him being that he was a black male campaigning to run the country. Once he was actually elected it seemed as if that stigma faded and citizens of the United States love him more for what he stands for. He was a symbol of change, which is exactly what we needed at the time (and still do). For that reason, Barack Obama ended up developing a fanbase. He earned the support of many college students and even celebrities. During his time in office he stuck to being professional but also relatable for the younger population, which is another reason why he gained all these supporters.
    On the Contrary, our current United States President, Donald Trump, has a completely different status surrounding him. Before Trump was in office he was known for being a successful businessman and television personality. He never really had anything to do with politics until he decided that he would run for president. Since this time, many citizens view on him completely changed. He wasn’t a TV personality anymore. He is now known for making degrading comments about women, including the ones in his own family, trying to “build a wall” on the border of the US and Mexico to prevent mexican immigrants from coming into the United States, and more recently, trying to “cut taxes” to help the upper and lower class, leaving the middle class at a cost. Donald Trump was a celebrity before the election but he is now known more infamously.
    Considering that Barack Obama and Donald Trump are polar opposites, an older president, George W. Bush seems to be a balance of both qualities that the other two presidents contained. When it came to politics, Bush was caring about his citizens and was very dedicated to this country, but after his election people soon started to see him differently. He was a poor public speaker and he expanded the national debt. Some people even think that he was the cause of 9/11 but that is just a conspiracy theory. Bush was known for giving speeches that were not up to par, but he was never proved to have done anything that anyone should have hated him for. He was definitely more of a politician than a celebrity, even though he does have some quirks that make it seem otherwise.
    When a person who is already a celebrity wants to become a politician, the circumstances are very different. It can be difficult for the votes to be fair because young and impressionable citizens who already support their favorite celebrity will be more likely to vote for them even if they don’t agree with their views. For example Hedges States that, “The fantasy of celebrity culture is not designed simply to entertain. It is designed to keep us from fighting back” Which can prove that someone’s views on certain political issues and be clouded if someone they admire is running for office.

  3. Calling politicians celebrities has been widely debated among many Americans. When Barack Obama first became president, not many knew who he was. Many thought he was just another politician. As he got further into his presidency, it became very clear that he was trying to relate to the everyday citizen and make it feel like he wasn’t much different. He attended basketball games, performances and many other things that everyone else would do. This made people feel like he wasn’t always extremely serious, but he also didn’t take things lightly. Many people liked him for his political views and for starting change. Most importantly, by being the first African American president.
    Our current president, Donald Trump, however was more of a celebrity turned politician. Opposite of what Obama was. He could not be taken seriously because he has never been involved in politics a day in his life. Nobody could relate to him either because he was just known as a rich businessman. This differs from celebrity turned politicians like Reagan and Schwarzenegger because they were a bit more relatable as they were actors, not just rich businessmen.
    George W Bush, on the other hand, was more similar to Obama. He tried to please the people and was very professional in his endeavors. Although some did not like him, he was definitely more respectful and that made him more likable than Trump.

  4. Barack Obama was most most definitely a celebrity. He started off with just a bit of political experience, and then became the 44th president. With his genuine connection to his followers and supporters, he was easily relatable. He was active with the youth, known to be caring of all human beings no matter what race, and a leader to all. Although he took his presidency seriously, he had no issue with entertaining the people with his charismatic personality. He was involved with his people as he joined them in performances and basketball games, as my fellow classmate Keri Sullivan has stated. Not only was he very impactful by being the first African American president, he impacted the daily lives of people just by being so involved and inspiring us each and every day.
    Unlike Obama, Donald Trump had no political experience. He was just a successful businessman with a show and a lot of money, who became president. Opposed to Obama, Trump tends to be very active on social media and does not keep it mature. He posts tweets that are inappropriate, and calls people out in an uncalled manner. He has disrespected many with his racial slurs and offensive words. Yet some people, despite how despicable Trump can be, find this man to be admirable. People find him popular and entertaining, causing him to be a celebrity. When it comes to George W Bush, he can be compared to both Barak Obama and Donald Trump. Like Obama, Bush has had a more “respectable” presidency. He took his job seriously and pleased the people. Like Trump, Bush has also made some negative decisions like putting the death penalty to use the most, and cutting income taxes which affected many. He was also said to be involved with the 9/11 attacks, putting a bad rep on his name.
    Celebrities who turned into politicians, have an easier time containing a support base. This is because as a celebrity you do not necessarily have to be professional, you just entertain a large amount of people. As a celebrity becomes a politician, like Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, he already has “fans” and supporters under his belt. This allows for more votes when it comes to elections and such.

  5. Before presidency, Obama wasn’t a celebrity but during his presidency, he absolutely was. Barack Obama became the first black male president in U.S. history and if that doesn’t already make you well known (as a celebrity is), it was his relatable and loving personality that had him even more celebrated. A celebrity is someone well known, a personality in the public and as president, Barack Obama captured the hearts of the general public just with his charm as he did interviews with Ellen Degeneres, skateboarded into conference rooms, played in skits for entertainment purposes, and joked with his also adored by the public wife, Michelle Obama. In the article, it mentions “The new consumption-oriented culture demands what he called “personality.” The shift in values is a shift from a fixed morality to the artifice of presentation. The old cultural values of thrift and moderation honored hard work, integrity, and courage. The consumption-oriented culture honors charm, fascination, and likability.” This is so important because it’s true. Barack Obama became a celebrity politican as president because of his self-presentation to the public and his appeal to the millennials. He was a loving father and husband and had no problem joking and partaking in entertainment bits on TV, attracting fans and supporters by his side despite his mistakes as a president. Also, not to mention, he was a minority, a black male, which instantly made other minorities root for him by his side. Obama was a politician turned celebrity.

    Donald Trump and all these other celebrity turned politicians are exactly that; a celebrity turned politician whereas Obama was vice versa. Focusing on Trump here, he hasn’t had prior political experience. He was a celebrity from his immense wealth as a businessman and a reality TV show star who became president appealing to racist, ignorant, bigoted republicans. Barack Obama became a celebrity with fans who root for him (and still miss his presence on screen) because of his likability and genuine charming character. Nowadays, that’s how celebrities are born; likable, relatable personalities. Trump was never that. He was never likable and all people could gush about concerning him was his wealth. He never appealed to the public using his charm because he doesn’t have any. His “fans” now are all classified as ignorant, uneducated, racists who are like him; unable to empathize with human beings and instead only look out for themselves.

    Obama’s status was politician to celebrity. Trump’s is celebrity to politician. The difference is Obama built his fame and adoration and celebrity from just his charm and personality during his presidency without any intent. His character attracted fans because likable personalities mean a great deal to people nowadays when choosing who to stand by. Also, this is more respected than Trump’s celebrity to politician status because Trump doesn’t have any experience, giving the impression that he doesn’t know what he’s doing at all. Obama did. Trump and Obama are on completely opposite ends of the spectrum, despite both being celebrities. One is immensely likable with good intentions and obvious morals while the other is immensely dislikable with racist and sexist undertones and no morals.

  6. Being constantly in the public eye, political officials often receive much attention. Some even earn the title of “celebrity.” As opposed to some celebrity presidents such as Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, former President Barack Obama only became a celebrity when he was running for President. His campaign became a brand that emotionalized political issues and, through tabloidism, made him extremely desirable for superficial reasons. On the other hand, Donald Trump, for instance, used his preexisting fame to gain popularity among a certain population, eventually winning the presidency. Obama had an opportunity to create a brand for himself which others were either not able to do, chose not to, or were forced to work with their already well-known image. By showing the public likeable small details about himself Obama was able to sell his image and attract followers.

  7. Obama
    Global celebrity because he is the 44th president of US
    Successful advertisement of his campaign (being named Advertising Age’s marketer of the year for 2008 edging out apple and
    He is the definition of successful marketing because he does one thing and Brand Obama gets Americans to believe another.
    He tries to portray to be the good president image. Behind the scene, he is allowing corporate to benefit from Americans’ tax money.
    Americans believe that he will lead them to a greater height and make America great again
    However, his administration didn’t do much. (spent a huge amount of taxpayer dollars to wall street, defense-related spending, expanded war in Afghanistan and did not prosecute the Bush Administration for war crimes)
    Donald Trump & Bush
    They show their true self.
    Donald trump does everything very boldly without taken everything into consideration.
    He doesn’t care about the feelings of other people which causes a lot of uprising among Americans.
    In comparison to Obama, Donald trump is less likely to be considered as a president because he acts like a teenager who is ruling Americans.
    He shows disrespect to Muslims, leader of other countries etc. on social media.
    As the president of a strong country like US, he should at the very least be more formal
    However, he is a celebrity politician but in a way of portraying his true self instead of being like Obama who does a thing and says the other.
    Bush is not as extreme as Donald trump, but he did a lot of bad decisions during his presidency
    His worst foreign policy decision was to invade Iraq in 2003 even though Iraq wasn’t involved in the 9/11 incident. However, this causes a lot of tax payer money to fund the invasion. In addition, the daily lives of citizens of Iraq are being affected negatively as well.
    George Bush threaten the core of the corporate state too much causing the brand bush to be collapsed.
    Celebrities turned into Politician (Arnold and Reagan)
    They are well known before becoming politician.
    Easier to convince their supporters about their ideas.
    A lot of people already know them and will believe them instead of some people that they just know through political election.
    A lot of fans are among the voters, they follow their idol instead of choosing according to their capability as a politician.
    Compared to barrack Obama, these celebrities are much more dangerous because these politicians might get mistaken of their responsible.
    Some of them become politicians to get more fame which they can’t get just by being a celebrity in other field.
    Due to their experience in performing, they have more experience in deceiving Americans. They might act in a way which does not portray their own opinion perfectly just like what Obama did as a president.

  8. Obama had little experience, only two years in the Senate, but became a global celebrity through his brand, and of course becoming the 44th president of the United States, and the very first president of color. Brand Obama is widely known and is all about his supporting people feeling safe, “happy consumers” because they have faith in their president. The article reveals, “Celebrities, who often come from humble backgrounds, are held up as proof that anyone, even we, can be adored by the world”. Obama did not have fame before he ran for president of the United States and created his brand. The positive, outgoing personality he portrayed stood out and brought attention to many. Obama worked hard in his career and after two terms of being president, has risen from not very known, to a well-known celebrity.
    On the other hand, Donald Trump was already famous before becoming president. It is said in the article, “Celebrity culture plunges us into this moral void. No one has any worth beyond his or her appearance, usefulness, or ability to “succeed.” The highest achievements in a celebrity culture are wealth, sexual conquest, and fame. It does not matter how these are obtained”. I felt that this was important because it related to Donald Trump. He was already famous before becoming president, but it reveals that achievements in celebrity culture are fame and wealth. Trump already had fame and was already wealthy prior to election, helping him succeed and stand out to others. But unlike Obama, Trump is arrogant, unprofessional in the terms of how he carries himself and speaks, and was not a politician but a businessman. Obama and Trump differ while Obama and Bush do not. Obama and Bush both did what was best in the interest of their people, and most importantly did not have the personality that Trump portrays.
    When it comes to celebrities that turned into politicians, such as Ronald Reagan, this is different from Obama with the facts that Obama was not a celebrity prior to becoming president, but it is similar in that Ronald Reagan, had experience as a politician when he was the 33rd Governor of California, and then became the 40th president of the United States and also served two terms.

  9. Barack Obama was defined as a politician when he first became the president. However, as Obama’s presidency continues, he is widely acknowledged as the first African American president. Citizens also start to like Obama more when they realize that Obama is not just a president that can be only seen on television news reports. People see Obama on talk shows and speaks out his own interests that are similar to ordinary people. Then people start to view Obama more like a celebrity more than a politician. Many people love Obama for his great speeches and personality. Also, the changes that he had brought to America that made him portrayed his brand as a president that supports his people’s will.
    While our current president Donald Trump portrays a totally different brand. Trump always sells himself as a fearless man that talks out all his thoughts. He did not care about what others say about his speeches and actions. He acts aggressive and shows overconfidence toward all his competitors during the presidential election. Even though he keeps on telling people that he is a politician. However, he is more of a businessman than a politician. He did not try to help the middle and poor classes will after he was elected as the president. Instead, he tries to pass the amendment to make changes to the tax of this country. Trump tries to reduce the tax for the rich and making the middle and poor classes to pay the gap of the reduced tax. Trump definitely was one of the presidents that American citizens did not like too much.
    Lastly, for George W. Bush, he was more of an ordinary president. He acts polite and professional toward countries and citizens. Just like what Obama would do, even though he was not too successful toward in making a good relationship with his people. However, he gives people the same image of ordinary presidents America had in the past years. A president that does not really tries to relate his personal life to his people as hard but keeps a good relationship with other leaders in the politic area. Bush was more of a politician than Obama and Trump. As of a result, Bush makes good speeches that persuade his people but did not get as many supporters as Obama did.
    When celebrities turn into politicians, they have more advantages when voting. It’s determined that because of the fact they have many supporters to start up with. It’s definite that they would have more votes than others most of the time. It doesn’t matter if their speeches are not that professional or convincing. Their fans will support them as long as the celebrity wants them to.

  10. All presidents of the United States of America can be considered celebrities. One of these celebrities is Barak Obama, the 44th president of the United States. Although new to the political scene he became famous for being the first African American running for president which led him to ultimately become president. His campaign mostly addressed the idea of hope as seen in some of the documentation posted around his presidency and while he was running as well. He also tried to be relatable as JFK was due to his young stature. His whole message was about change, equality, and hopefulness for the future. Overall his race, charisma, and essence made him the celebrity he was and is. In a way he sold himself in certain ways for people to like him, as all politicians do currently. The article by Hedges states, “The Obama campaign was named Advertising Age’s marketer of the year for 2008 and edged out runners-up Apple and”, this definitely backs up the statement which I stated before. The article also states that he was scene as a “brand”.
    On the other hand Donald Trump became a celebrity for different reasons. He became famous from being a host on a reality show named “the Apprentice”. He used this fame from before in order to entice people in voting for him for president meanwhile Obama was a fresh face to all people of the celebrity world at the time of his running in 2008. Just as Ronald Regan and Arnold Swawshnager he was a celebrity who turned into a politician. Thus these people could sell themselves easier since they were already well known. As the article says, “Celebrity is the vehicle used by a corporate society to sell us these branded commodities, most of which we do not need. Celebrities humanize commercial commodities. They present the familiar and comforting face of the corporate state.”
    However, George W. Bush was also a president, thus he could also be named a celebrity. He seems to be a hybrid go the two “politicians” spoken of before. Like Obama his approach was charismatic and relatable. On the Other hand, like Trump he wasn’t the most informed/ well articulated president. Overall he was more like Obama in his presidency due to his professional stance, but didn’t get as much attention for the things Obama and Trump did. However he was known for 9/11 and decisions that went along with it during that time. Thus, his fame had more to due with the qualities of his presidency.
    When a celebrity becomes a politician many different aspects come into play.For example voting might not be as fair as usual because they already have such a tremendous following who probably already support them due to their already made status. This can be explained when Hedges states , “…to get whatever we desire. We can do anything, even belittle and destroy those around us, including our friends, to make money, to be happy, and to become famous. Once fame and wealth are achieved, they become their own justification, their own morality.”This shows the true motive of celebrities like Trump who do enter politics. He believes that he can do anything, thus he will do it and can due to his fame.

  11. Before becoming the president of the United States, Barack Obama had little knowledge in politics aside from the two years he spent as senator. His days before becoming a president did not make him a celebrity, running and becoming president did. Because of his presidency, he is now known as a global celebrity because as president, they have many interactions with the whole world and not just in the U.S. As Hedges pointed out in his article, Obama is like and advertisement. Advertisement appeal to the public and make them buy and do things because of how appealing it sounds and looks. Obama is similar as he does one thing, but how he makes himself be perceived to the public is another thing. He won many of the publics votes because he appealed to their thinking and what they wanted change in the country.
    Unlike Obama, Donald Trump does not appeal to the public and their opinions. He appealed to them because many of the public wanted a change in the presidency. Trump before presidency was known as a celebrity, however he was known to be a businessman, not a politician. Trump can be perceived as a very free man, who is very forward with what he says and his opinions on a lot of matter, such as the way he sees women and how he tries to lower taxes on corporations even though, in many of the publics eye, corporations should be paying more in taxes.
    Celebrity turned politicians are used to having fans and the fame that came with being a celebrity. They know how to appeal to their fans to keep them and make them support their ideas. Many fans blindly follow their celebrity and most support their celebrity on whatever they do. Fans can be called headless chickens who don’t think about the consequences of their actions, but do whatever their celebrity wants them to do. When they run for president, their chances of winning is very high because without having to do a lot of campaigning, they already have a set amount of supporters who supported them when they were a celebrity.

    1. Obama became a celebrity because of his background. Coming from a working-class family, he is living proof that anyone who works hard enough can make it, or at least that’s what they want us to believe. People are attracted to the lavish lives that are portrayed to us every day on television and our social media feeds, we are told to set that as our ultimate goal, even though, in reality, the majority of us won’t come close to achieving their goals. Besides the way in which people were able to connect with him, Obama was also liked because of his personality, he is very likeable and friendly, he has a different way of thinking than most politicians do, something that helped him win the elections both times. In the case of Barack Obama, people fell in love with him, not with President Obama, but with Barack Obama himself. As of Donald Trump, he was a celebrity long before he was president, people already had a previous image of him before he started his campaign, during which he was promoting himself as the one who would bring back America to the greatness it once was. Donald Trump is perceived much differently from Barack Obama, Trump comes a family if much higher status and influence, which helped him win the elections. If Donald Trump had not been a celebrity before he started his campaign, he would not have stood a chance at winning. George W. Bush had a similar story, besides owning several businesses, his father was also elected as president before him, people already had an image of him previous to the one he was trying to sell during the elections. The status that someone who comes from a wealthier family is very different from that of someone who comes from a working-class family and had to work his way up on his own. People perceive George W. Bush and Donald Trump a much different way than Barack Obama, although as celebrities, they are expected to not mess up and to be as close to perfect as possible, those who come from families that are public figure also have the pressure to keep up to the standard that those before them had set up.

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